It was my love for reading and wanting the characters to come alive that I knew since 3rd grade that I wanted to be an actor.  I began performing in dance and theater at an early age, including being on stage with my mother who was an opera performer in NYC.


I have a degree in Journalism Broadcasting and began my career working behind the camera as a writer and production assistant for a Washington, D.C. TV talk show and ABC News, and later as a cable TV reporter.  Though I found the broadcasting industry exciting, it was not my passion and I started working in commercials and lifestyle print modeling in the Bay Area.  My true passion lies in films and television where the characters are developed.  My movie credits include a co-star role with actor, Jeff Daniels, in STEVE JOBS, directed by Danny Boyle.  I co-starred with actor, Michael Madsen, in the feature film SACRED BLOOD directed by Christopher Coppola.  I play the lead actress in the indie feature film, THE PURPLE ONION.  And a principal role in the film LOVE TWICE, directed by indie filmmaker Rob Nilsson.

The creative process of connecting with the character excites me and I prefer roles in which the character experiences conflicts which the audience relates with.  My desire is to create a connection so as the audience vicariously experiences the emotional journey, they are changed. When not acting, I enjoy watching movies, foreign films and theater, writing and reading poetry and swimming in the ocean with sea turtles.

2010 - present
2010 - present